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SWNE Wirehairs is located in South West Nebraska in the town of Cambridge Nebraska.  Owned and operated by Tom and Jackie Shoemaker we are located in the heart of quality Pheasant hunting country in Nebraska which allows us to keep our dogs constantly on birds.  It is essential that our dogs fit into our outdoor lifestyle but equally important that they are well-socialized and capable of being true companions.  With our 4 children we wanted to make sure that our Wirehairs would fit in with both small and older children.  The temperament of these dogs is truly unmatched by any other.

We became interested in German Wirehaired Pointers for their natural hunting abilities and extremely sweet nature.  
After extensive research on multiple hunting breeds, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the fuzzy faced GWP!  

All of our dogs are tested to guarantee their hips and elbows are healthy.  Our goal is to produce healthy dogs that are great hunters but also have good temperament, conformation and biddability.

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